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Is an A+Network Position Right for Your Skill Set?

A+Network balances the strict turnaround time and quality standards of our customers with a supportive, professional relationship with our team members.  We respect the education, experience and dedication required to become a seasoned medical language specialist.  A+Network believes in rewarding transcriptionists and editors with compensation above the industry norm in order to provide the highest level of quality possible, even with difficult dictators.  With the majority of our work force remote, we provide state-of-the-art technology in order to stay connected and achieve turnaround and accuracy goals.  Everyone in this industry should recognize that turnaround times are getting shorter and ‘getting it right the first time’ is even more important, since most transcripts become immediately accessible to countless providers via an EHR.

Here’s What We’re Looking for:

Medical language specialists must have 4 years experience transcribing acute care, radiology or specialty transcripts.

Quality Assurance editors must have 5 years transcribing and 3 years of QA editing experience.

A+Network technology incorporates backend speech recognition when appropriate and we are looking for candidates with experience and willingness to learn ASR editing.

All A+Network employees and independent contractors must live in the US.

A+Network utilizes a workforce of both full-time and part-time employees and independent contractors in order to meet the turnaround time specifications of our customers.  Minimum production is expected, tracked and evaluated.

Proficiency testing is required for all positions, both a written test and a word processing test.

A professional, collaborative and pragmatic attitude from management, supervisors, editors and new hires keeps us focused and proud of our performance.

A+Network provides an RHDS and CHDS (CMT) differential and respects your certification.

A+Network provides all software for word processing, speech recognition and line counting as well as a 24 by 7, US-based helpdesk.  Prior experience with the TA+ platform is a bonus.

A+Network conducts random and quarterly scheduled quality audits by scoring transcripts and categorizing errors for training and mentoring.  Grading feedback is available on-line for self-improvement.